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Welcome to the third issue of Gaia's Voice's new newsletter. With this newsletter we intend to keep you, our community of supporters, informed of our activities. In this issue we have the words and background for "Of Time and Rivers Flowing", and how Coyote helped with the new CD.

The newsletter will be available both in Email and US mail form, and will also be available on our web site It is cheaper for us to send using Email but we are happy to send US mail to those who prefer that, or who do not have an Email address. Please inform us if you wish to be added to or deleted from one of the lists.

Passions and Passages Availible

We are Gaia's Voice and this is our music. It is ten years since Gaia's Voice (then called the Rainbow Chorus) first sang. It is seven years since Gaia's Voice produced it's first recording, Chorus of Life. Choral music is our gift and service to the Pagan community. We offer Passions and Passages as a way to spread this music widely in hoes that it will help nurture and strengthen that community. Passions and Passages, which is availible on CD and cassette, includes Lord of the Forest, Invocation, Through All the World Below, and eleven other favorites from Gaia's Voice repertoire.

Coyote Helps With Gaia's Voice CD

I happen to very interested in music. Coyote likes music because it makes everyone happy. So, naturally, I've taken an interest in Gaia's Voice and thier welfare.

One day, I was in the neighborhood of the production house where the Gaia's Voice CD was being pressed. In fact, that very day they were ready to ship.

Now we all know how slow the US Mail is. So, I thought I would help the chorus out by letting them use Coyote-Mail -- and for the same low rate!

There was just this one little problem. Coyotes aren't exactly well suited to picking up packages and strapping them to thier backs. Soooo I grabbed the corner of the box with my mouth and dragged it the two miles from the production house to Brother Bear's cave in the hills. I set it down outside and invited myself in. I knew my old friend , Brother Bear, would tear some strips of bark off of one of the nearby willows and twist it into cord and tie the package to my back. Just as soon as I woke him up that is.

Well, it only took a couple of days to get him fully awake and ready to help. (I was still ahead of schedule compared to the US Mail.) We went down by the stream and, after a day or two of fishing, Brother Bear tore some strips of bark off of one of the willows and twisted it into cord to tie the package to my back.

Well, we walked back to Brother Bear's cave all set to the box of CD's to my back. (Did I mention I was still ahead of schedule compared to the US Mail?) But the box wasn't there. I spoke to Brother Bear at that point with some consternation in my voice about the emerging problem of city-style crime in his neightborhood. He responded in a surprisingly agitated state, saying that I should never have left the box outside his cave, thus enticing some less-than-stalwart creature into commiting the crime. (Fancy that, blaming poor Coyote!)

Just as the conversation was about to get really enthusiastic, Cousin Blue Jay flew over, squawking about some shiny objects the Raccoon Brothers had strewn about down by the stream.

So Brother Bear, Cousin Blue Jay, and yours truly went tromping back down to the stream. Sure enough, those crazy raccoons had snatched the box, dumping out the CDs and were trying to wash and eat the packing materials. (Don't panic, they were those enviornmentally safe packing peanuts made from corn by-products that happen to dissolve in water.) Except these materials kept disappearing after they washed them. Thier conversation was very much passed really enthusiastic and was getting down right heated.

Then three things happened all at once. It started to rain, Sister Skunk had stomped out of her burrow and over to the stream to see what all the commotion was about, and Cousin Blue Jay decided to snatch one of the CDs (A.K.A. shiny things) to take back to his nest to play with.

Picture it if you can: The Raccoon Brothers are scurrying about in a frenzy as their "peanuts" are dissolving all around them. Cousin Jay is committed to his dive. Sister Skunk (who is not as quick as she used to be) walks over the top of the targeted CD. Four critters all trying to occupy an identical location in the space time continuum.

It was not pretty. Except that it was pretty ugly.

Well, it only took a week to get the smell and bits of stuff off of the CDs. (I figured I was still a few days ahead of schedule compared to the US Mail.) I asked Sister Hawk to check eac one for scratches, which only took a day or two. Pardon the pun, but they passed with flying colors. Not a mark on a one of them.

So Brother Bear helped repack everything using dry gras and old pine needles. Then he took the bark twine (you remember the twine?) and tied the box securely to my back.

I ran and ran and rand and slept and ran and ran and ran and ate and (well, you get the idea), until I got to the mailbox store in downtown Berkeley. It wasn't open for an hour yet, so I had to wait. There was this man who could see and hear me just fine. He wrote down all of what happened on an old burger wrapper and stuck it to the box with some gum.

When the store opens, he'll untie the box from my back and carry it in for me and leave. I have to go too. I've got to get back to the hills and be about my business.

I am so pleased I got the chorus's box in time for the Ancient Ways Festival. Just like it was supposed to be.

Coyote Mailman

Chorus of Life CD to be released

We have begun the process of releasing the first Gaia's Voice recording, Chorus of Life on CD. We hope to have it availible in the next few months.

Of Time and Rivers Flowing

Lyrics Copyright Marie Ingerman, 1997
Tune: Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming

Of time and rivers flowing the seasons make a song.
And we who live beside Her still try to sing along.
Spring, summer, fall and winter, the seasons still a-coming
When she'll be honored again.
So many prosper from Her, so many from Her grow.
I ask the Water Spirits which way their currents flow.
Then listen for their answer. The gods of moving waters,
May wisdom to us show.
The circle of the planets, the circle of the moon,
The circle of the atoms all play a living tune.
And we who would join in must dance the circle turnings.
Now let us all begin.

This song, Of Time and Rivers Flowing, was a song Gaia's Voice was asked to sing at a wedding in May of 1991. We sang it for Cedar and Little Bear's wedding. Some Christian songbooks carry the same tune under the title, Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming, calling it an old German melody with words by a sixteenth century poet, anonymous.

Gaia's Voice liked the tune and wanted to tweak the lyrics to make them singable at a variety of occasions, not just for weddings. As we didn't know the poet who wrote the word for the wedding, we can only credit "anonymous" for this version, much of which was retained in the one we now sing. I take credit for the changing of a few lines to create the version we like to sing. -- Marie Ingerman

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